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phone 09 962 6072


At Davis House Painters we understand how important the overall image of your home is, and having the best looking fence is a key factor, especially in the Auckland housing market.

Fence painting can be a tiresome and tricky task at the best of times so having the professionals at Davis House Painters get the job done can save you a whole lot of time, hassle and money.

Auckland’s hot sun breaks down the cellulose fibres within timber. This is what causes the wood to grey. Due to the fence's low proximity to the ground and the high exposed surface, the timber also soaks up moisture easily from rain and dew.

Davis House Painters are here to help you avoid the costs associated with having to replace timber (or the whole fence) that has degraded due to Auckland’s weather. Let us keep your fence painted, or stained, and looking great this season.

Remember: There are two sides to every fence.
Check in with your neighbour and it may save you both money. It is cheaper to paint both sides of the fence at the same time. This also ensures maximum protection. Leaving one side of the fence exposed increases the speed the fence will deteriorate and need replacing.

Dark vs light colours for your fence?

Darker colours are great at hiding any imperfections in your wood/fence material eg rough sawn timber. Smooth finished with straight lines will look good in lighter colours.

Our Auckland sun is always a high consideration point when choosing exterior paint and stain colours. Darker colours absorb more energy in the form of heat as opposed to the reflective nature of lighter colours.

This extra absorbed energy will dry out the timber faster and cause paint deterioration resulting in having to repaint sooner.

Fence Painting Pricing and Quotes

Davis House Painters provides a detailed written quote – EVERY TIME.

Our quotes are simple to read and understand, while providing all the necessary information to ensure you know that we know what we are doing. Our team work from the scope set out in your quote to ensure the job is finished on time and on budget.

In the unexpected situation where changes from the original quote are necessary due to either changes requested by you or from exceptional unforeseen circumstances, Davis House Painters has an effective change control process to ensure you are in control.


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